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I. The H-WEST-AFRICA Network: Scope, Content, Purpose.

H-Net list on history, culture, science, and development of West Africa

H-West-Africa is dedicated to enhancing research, service, and teaching in the field on the region of West Africa: its history, culture, science and development. It seeks to bring together -- for purposes of discussion, exchange of information, the conduct and dissemination of research, and sharing on information and data about teaching and learning -- students, scholars, professionals, intellectuals, and others throughout the world who are interested in the past, present and future of West Africa and the enhancement of knowledge and understanding about the region. It will seek to develop resources for the enhancement of that knowledge and understanding everywhere, but particularly in West Africa and around West African institutions of higher education.

In the coming years H-West-Africa will also play a significant role in disseminating information about establishing connectivity systems which permit e-mail and Internet access to more and more participants in West Africa, with the best quality and the lowest cost.

The discussions and information will be expressed in two languages: English and French. The editors will make appropriate brief summaries of information in the other language, as well as providing table of contents for each set of communications (weekly digest, bi-weekly digest, etc.).

H-West-Africa is sponsored by the African Studies Center, Michigan State University; the West African Research Association (Secretariat at the Boston University, African Studies Center), and the West African Research Center (headquartered in Dakar). It is advised by a board of scholars.

II. Editors.

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H-West-Africa ia a discussion network on West African History and Societies, and is affiliated to H-Net (Michigan State University), puting together almost 1600 forums. HWA counts over 600 members, and encourage more participation of searchers working on and in francophone and anglophone countries of West Africa.

As current editor of H-West-Africa, I would send more messages on a wide range of questions arraised by the researchers of your countries, in a large african and multidisciplinary perspective, including history, anthropology, political science, law, demography, linguistics, science of religions, social sciences of health.

We received several messages from members, underlining the importance of the implantation of this discussion network in West Africa. We accepted to carry out the editorial work, with the intention of developing a better circulation of information on the results of researches performed in Africa, in the Universities and by the research centres in West Africa.

We would enjoy receiving informations on scientific manifestations, symposia, conferences, titles and abstracts of our member's publications. H West-Africa is waiting for informations on your projects. The network encourage academic discussions, submit your queries to the members, and circulate your replies, in order to share information and knowledge.

H-West-Africa is working closely with the sister-lists on Africa, especially H-Africa, H-Afrarts, H-Hausa, H-South-Africa, H-African Literature & Cinema, H-African Research, and also with more general lists : H-Environnement, H-History of Sexuality, H-Slavery, H-Science, Medicine & Technics, H-Atlantic, H-Migration, H-Migration, H-Law.

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� The archives of the H-WEST-AFRICA list, known as its "logs." They are in searchable and sortable format. � The network's official documents: its welcome files, lists of board members and editors, contact information, and other founding and information documents. � Hypertext links to resources in our subject: teaching materials, research archives, other lists.

V. Advisory Board.

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Infos H-West-Africa

Cher Coll�gue,

La liste de discussion H-West-Africa est un forum de discussion sur l'histoire et les soci�t�s ouest-africaines, domicili� sur le site H-Net de Michigan State University, qui regroupe environ 160 forums de ce type. C'est une liste qui compte plus de 600 souscripteurs, � laquelle nous voudrions faire participer davantage les chercheurs travaillant sur les pays francophones et anglophones de l'Afrique de l'ouest. Comme �diteur de H-West-Africa, je souhaiterai que les questions relatives � un bon nombre de th�mes �tudi�s par les chercheurs de votre pays soient davantage �voqu�es.

Nous avons re�u plusieurs messages qui soulignent l'importance de l'implantation en Afrique d'un tel Forum. Nous avons soulign�, lors de notre acceptation de cette charge �ditoriale, la volont� de mieux diffuser les informations et les r�sultats des recherches men�es en Afrique, dans les Universit�s et les centres de recherche implant�es en Afrique de l'Ouest. Nous souhaitons favoriser des discussions dans une perspective africaine et pluridisciplinaire, incluant outre l'histoire, l'anthropologie, les sciences politiques, le droit, la d�mographie, la linguistique, les sciences des religions, les sciences sociales de la sant�.

Nous serons heureux de relayer en particulier des informations sur les manifestations, rencontres,colloques et publications des membres. H West-Africa souhaiterait bien s�r obtenir des informations sur vos projets... Je suis donc tout � fait dispos� a diffuser les informations que vous souhaiteriez partager avec les membres de cette liste qui serait heureuse d'accueillir aussi toutes vos contributions.

Si vous voulez, vous pouvez demander votre inscription sur la liste, par mes soins, ou, mieux, vous pouvez la r�aliser vous-m�me en allant sur le site de H-Net de Michigan State University :

H-West-Africa travaille en liaison avec listes-s�eurs relatives � l�Afrique, sp�ciallement H-Africa, H-Afrarts, H-Hausa, H-South-Africa, H-African Literature & Cinema, H-African Research, mais aussi avec des listes plus � g�n�ralistes- : H-Environnement, H-History of Sexuality, H-Slavery, H-Science, Medicine & Technics, H-Atlantic, H-Migration, H-Migration, H-Law.

Une fois sur le site, il suffit de choisir AfriNetworks et on a l'option de visiter ce qui concerne sp�cifiquement H-West-Africa ou les autres forums concernant l'Afrique.


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