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You have joined H-Teach, an international electronic discussion group run by H-Net, Humanities On-Line, to provide a forum discussing teaching history and related fields at the college level. Subscription is free, and subscribers will automatically receive messages in their computer mailboxes. Messages can be saved, discarded, copied, printed out, or relayed to someone else. It is like a daily newsletter or an ongoing, moderated "roundtable" discussion.

The primary purpose of H-Teach is to enable communication about teaching approaches, methods, problems, and resources. H-Teach facilitates discussion on the wide range of policy issues involved in teaching history. H-Teach is particularly interested in methods of teaching history to graduate and undergraduate students in diverse settings. Special attention is paid to use of new technologies in and outside of the classroom. H-Teach also provides a forum for exchange of information about specific teaching tools including texts, videos, exams, and assignments.

H-Teach maintains a homepage, a searchable archive of postings and other useful resources for humanities teachers on the world wide web at


H-Teach publishes syllabi, outlines, handouts, bibliographies, guides to term papers, listings of new sources, library catalogs and archives, and reports on new software, data sets and cd-roms. H-Teach also posts announcements of conferences, fellowships, and jobs. Subscribers write in with questions, comments, and reports. H-Teach carries announcements from publishers of new books, and commissions book reviews. H-Teach actively seeks participation by textbook publishers, whose editors can join with text authors to shape the next edition of the textbook teachers will be using.


Contributions can be short questions or long documents. Please sign your name and email address to each contribution (we will add the name/address otherwise.) To send them, use one of the following:
a) Send an email note directly to H-TEACH@H-NET.MSU.EDU b) After reading a message from H-Teach, you may use the reply command in your mail system. PLEASE NOTE all replies will go out as submissions to the list as a whole, NOT as personal replies to the individual poster whose message you are reading

If you use a word processor like Word Perfect or Microsoft Word, save the document as a plain ascii (or "text" or "dos") file. Upload it to your mainframe (your departmental guru will explain how) and use your e-mail system to send it to H-Teach. Please do NOT send binary files or uunencoded Macintosh files.


H-Teach is moderated to filter out extraneous messages (like requests for subscription) and items that do not belong on H-Teach. They may belong somewhere else, or in the judgment of the moderators they do not aid the scholarly dialogue. The editor will not alter the meaning of a message, but will, if necessary, add name and e-address, break very long paragraphs into smaller units, correct typos, and modify the subject line of a post.

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H-Teach is supported by H-Net, the National Endowment for the Humanities, The University of Illinois, Chicago, Michigan State University, and a team of volunteers. There currently are no dues or fees of any kind. Subscribers only need an address on Bitnet or Internet, which is provided to faculty and students by campus computer centers. The consultants there, or departmental colleagues can explain how to send an email message.

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Documents of interest--bibliographies, book and article reviews, announcements, teaching materials, and descriptions of tools, techniques, and computer software and hardware, plus the weekly files of messages--will be made available on the H-Teach web page. Contributions
to the archive are welcome, and should be sent as files to H-TEACH@H-NET.MSU.EDU.

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