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H- State is especially interested in stimulating discussion about recent work in history, political science, and sociology that has been responsible for "bringing the state back in, analyses of the history of social welfare programs, and policies relating to the political economy as a whole. Subscriptions are free, and subscribers will automatically receive messages in their computer mailboxes. Messages can be saved, discarded, copied, printed out, or relayed to someone else. It is like a newsletter that is free and published daily.

Our discussions can include any of the following topics: current research and research interests; methods and tools of analysis; reviews of primary and secondary sources; calls for papers; information on conferences, grants, fellowships; new electronic sources of information.

H-State is also a forum for exploring the approaches, methods, and tools used in teaching the history of the social welfare state, policy history, and social welfare history. H-STATE will publish syllabi, outlines, handouts, bibliographies and examinations.

H-Net regularly prepares a list of job opportunities for historians and H-STATE will carry announcements of its availability.

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