This welcome message provides you with basic information about H-MINERVA, including information on using the list, rules for posting, and details about the network's associated online service.

I. The H-MINERVA Network: Scope, Content, Purpose.

Welcome to H-MINERVA, a member of the H-NET Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine initiative. H-MINERVA is a free list cosponsored by The MINERVA Center, Inc., a non-profit educational foundation devoted to promoting the study of women and the military and women in war. There are no geographical or chronological limits. All H-MINERVA messages will be in English.

H-MINERVA is open to anyone with a serious interest in its subject matter and encourages diverse contributions. We offer a forum for exchange between scholars and for the current concerns of active duty women and women veterans (including "civilian" veterans like military wives and Red Cross members). We are eager to receive personal memories, inquiries, commissioned book reviews, information on meetings, and cross-postings from other online resources. H-MINERVA commissions book reviews to appear on the list and on H-REVIEWS. To register as a book reviewer, please contact the book review editor. Their contact information may be found at

II. Editors.

Dr. Linda Grant DePauw, founder and president of The MINERVA Center, is the list owner. The editors serve two-year renewable terms, with the approval of the H-Net Executive Committee and rotate their duties. All messages coming from the list identify the current editor. The editors solicit postings, assist people in managing subscriptions and related options, handle routine inquiries, and consolidate some postings when appropriate. Anyone with suggestions about what H-MINERVA can and might do is invited to send in ideas.

Like all H-Net lists, the list editors moderate H-MINERVA to edit out material that, in the editors' opinion, is not germane to the list, involves technical matters (such as subscription management requests), is inflammatory, or violates evolving, yet common, standards of Internet etiquette. Please read section III below for details about ownership, style, formatting, and content of your messages. H-Net's procedure for resolving disputes over list editorial practices is Article II, Section 2.20 of our bylaws, located online at

For a current list of editors, visit:

III. Communicating Through the List.

A. Copyright notice. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. H-Net considers all messages posted to its lists to be a form of publication. All contributions to H-MINERVA fall under Art. III, Sec. 3.01-3.08 of the H-Net Council Policies concerning copyright and intellectual property:

"H-Net is a nonprofit communications service intended to advance the teaching, research, and service of scholars, educators, and students. Preserving copyright rights is a collective responsibility: H-Net users and editors must respect the intellectual property of others. Consistent with the objective of encouraging creativity in scholarship and education, editors and users are encouraged to transmit copyrighted works to or through H-Net, with the express permission of the copyright holder or in accordance with the fair use provisions of copyright law. H-Net considers posting to H-Net lists or Web, as contrasted with private e-mail correspondence, to be a form of publication."

In general, the author retains copyright rights to publication of any submission to the list, and grants to H-Minerva and H-Net permission to store, disseminate with full attribution, and make available to subscribers such submissions without further permission. Postings (such as H-Net reviews) that are commissioned by H-Net are copyrighted by H-Net and may be reprinted for nonprofit, educational purposes with proper attribution to the author, location, and H-Net. A full copy of the H-Net Constitution and Bylaws and other important information may be found online at

B. Contributions: The tone and content of H-MINERVA depend directly on subscribers. The editors want to encourage lively, informal, productive discussion and information exchange. To that end, we ask that contributions be considerate of the needs of a busy audience of scholars. A number of excellent guides to online behavior and style are available online; we invite you consult them.

-- ALL MAIL TO THE LIST MUST BE SIGNED. The editors will delay posting until authorship and email address are confirmed.

-- CONTENT: Editors retain the right to review material for its pertinence, tone, style, and relevance to the list's mission. Ad hominems, unattributed quotations or innuendo, private messages forwarded for posting without permission, or messages that violate the norms of civility and professional courtesy will be rejected. Persistent violators can be removed from the subscription list.

-- STYLE: the default editorial style for the list is that of a letter to the editor. Your remarks can be crafted to suit the tone of an existing discussion thread, but should address the editors and not make personal references to others, except where you are replying directly to a simple query (e.g., �you can find this information in Webster�s Third International Dictionary.�). Avoid excessive quotation of messages to which you refer or reply. The editors may edit quotations from messages to which you refer or reply.

-- FORMAT: Please send messages in plain text: no styles, html, special fonts, graphics files, or nonstandard characters (except diacriticals, which are acceptable). Signature files are subject to editing for content and length. Advertisements in signatures will be removed. Remove or turn off .vcf, digital signatures, or other automatic attachments. Subscribers should use links rather than sending attachments, as editors do not redistribute attachments to the list.

IV. Technical Information. (Subscribing, Replying to messages, etc.)

When you subscribe, LISTSERV will send you a confirmation message containing important information about managing your subscription. Please save this message as a text file for future reference. ALL changes to your subscription must be addressed to, the software that manages the distribution and archiving of list electronic mail.

For online help with your subscription, visit: email:

1.) To subscribe: Normally, receiving this message from listserv indicates that you are already subscribed to the list. But should you need to resubscribe, send the following command (turn off signatures, styles/fonts, and word wrap if you expect the line to wrap), as an email message to

sub H-MINERVA your name, institution
Example: sub H-MINERVA Jane Smith, Illinois State U.

Follow the instructions in the reply that LISTSERV will send you in response to this command.

2.) To unsubscribe, logon to the computer account from which you subscribed to the list, and send this message to


Please unsubscribe from H-MINERVA and all other mailing lists if you are terminating a particular computer account. You can then resubscribe from the new account.

3.) To change your subscription address: if you have access to your old account, login to it and send the command:

CHANGE listname newaddress

You then must login to the NEW account to confirm the change, or it will not be executed. If you do not have access to your old account, then write to the list address and have an editor make the change for you; be sure to provide your old and new addresses.

4.) To send your own message to all subscribers, send an email note directly to Please see III above on style and formatting of messages to the list.

5.) To REPLY to a message so that all subscribers can read it, be sure that the outgoing reply is directed to, and not to the original author or to the editor. Replies intended only for individual authors should be sent directly to the author.

6.) If you are away for an extended period, suspend H-MINERVA email by sending this to


7.) After vacation, you can resume by sending to


8.) If you prefer to receive one daily digest of all posts to H-MINERVA instead of various individual posts, you can do so by sending this to


To return to individual messages, send the following message:


V. The H-MINERVA Site online

In addition to providing interactive communications via e-mail, H-MINERVA also maintains a web presence through H-Net at H-MINERVA web site contains the following information and services:

- The archives of the H-MINERVA list, known as its "logs." They are in searchable and sortable format. - The network's official documents: its welcome files, lists of board members and editors, contact information, and other founding and information documents. - Links to resources in our subject: teaching materials, research archives, other lists.

V. Advisory Board.

H-MINERVA editors manage the list�s daily activities and the advisory board develops long-term policies. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact the current editor. Board members referee incoming articles, reviews, and teaching materials; establish basic subscription restrictions and policy; advise the editors on disputes among editors and subscribers; monitor the list and make active contributions to discussion; and serve as the subscribers' voice in H-Net affairs. You are encouraged to contact any or all of the editorial board members with ideas and concerns about H-MINERVA.

Current Advisory Board, H-MINERVA:

VI. Our Parent Organization: H-Net

H-Net is an international consortium of scholars in the humanities and social sciences that creates and coordinates electronic networks, using a variety of media, and with a common objective of advancing humanities and social science teaching and research. H-Net was created to provide a positive, supportive, equalitarian environment for the friendly exchange of ideas and scholarly resources.

The goals of H-NET networks are to enable scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to share information on electronic databases; and to test new ideas and share comments on the literature in their fields.

H-Net's Constitution and Bylaws, along with a list of its officers and committees, is available at:

Among H-Net's many services are:
H-Net Reviews - H-Net Jobs - H-Net calendar -

To access the MINERVA Center website, please visit

Welcome to H-MINERVA!