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I. Welcome -- Our statement of purpose.
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I. WELCOME TO H-CIVWAR Welcome to the electronic discussion group H-CivWar. This discussion group has been set up at Michigan State University by H-Net. H-CivWar exists so scholars of the Civil War era can communicate with each other using this innovative and exciting new technology. This is primarily, though not exclusively, an academic list. The full, open, and mature discussion of the Civil War era (sectionalism, the war, and reconstruction) is welcome.

Our discussions can include any of the following topics: current research and research interests; methods and tools of analysis; reviews of primary and secondary sources; calls for papers, conferences, grants, fellowships, and even job opportunities. H-Net also posts a list of job opportunities which embraces a variety of fields.

H-CivWar is a forum for exploring the approaches, methods, and tools used in teaching history to graduate and undergraduate students. Syllabi, reading lists, and examinations are all valuable subjects for discussion. The Civil War era can not be isolated in the study of this nation's history. Any analysis of the Civil War era is empty without a good understanding of the Jacksonian and Republican eras, urban and rural history, etc. Therefore, some overlap between H-Net lists is expected and welcome, and you are invited to introduce discussions from other forums and disciplines.

The primary purpose of H-CivWar is to encourage lively and professional discussion of this important period in history. You may obtain a list of the membership of this group by writing: Robert Alan Harris,

By submitting messages and/or visuals for posting on H-Civwar, the contributor represents that s/he owns the copyright to any copyrighted work reproduced in whole or in part or has obtained permission to use the work as part of an H-Net posting, with attribution of the source. In addition, by submitting messages for posting on H-CivWar, the contributor agrees that s/he will not hold Michigan State University, H-Net, ASCASA, nor the editors of H-CivWar legally responsible for the infringement of copyright resulting from posting the contribution on H-Civwar and any subsequent cross-postings or redistribution. H-Net Council Policies has detailed copyright information under article III, sections 1-8.

H-Civwar has created an archive that subscribers may access through their email accounts This archive allows us to store information for retrieval at any time.

Currently we have five categories of documents: 1. Articles -- Previously published or commisioned by H-CivWar. 2. Bibliographies -- on subjects related to the Civil War era. 3. Reviews -- Previously published or commissioned by H-CivWar. 4. Syllabi -- From all Civil War era classes. 5. Net Tools -- Aids for navigating H-CivWar, H-Net, and the information highway.

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