Character-Set: UTF-8Welcome to the EDTECH mailing list. This list was conceived to bring together students, faculty, and "interested others" in the field of educational technology to share ideas and information. There are more than 3500 subscribers from about 50 countries on the EDTECH list. As well, EDTECH is carried on Google Groups as bit.listserv.edtech, and on private electronic bulletin boards at several universities.

You can visit the EDTECH WWW Archive site at:

Some topics we often discuss include:

- problems in using educational technology and how to solve them - articles and books you've found stimulating and worthwhile - information about course offerings and edtech graduate program requirements at various schools
- notable educational hardware and software, as well as junk one should avoid
- conferences and events related to educational technology - current dissertations and research projects in educational technology

Here are a few tips for using this discussion group well:

1. This list is moderated. That means when you send something to EDTECH, it first automatically is forwarded to an Editor. The Editors are any one of a group of education professionals who work with the list. The Editor screens out communications not related to Educational Technology or obviously not intended or appropriate for the EDTECH list (things like "HELP" or "Harry, It's nice to hear from you again!") and handles them privately. The Editor forwards the rest of the communications on to all the subscribers of the list. (There may be a several hour delay from the time you send your message until it actually appears on EDTECH.) When you get mail from EDTECH it may seem, at first glance, that it is all coming from one of the Editors (edadmin@H-NET.MSU.EDU). This is not the case, however. The original sender is also named at the top of the message, and most people sign their mail at the bottom.

2. Please be careful when using the REPLY function to reply to EDTECH mail. That will generally send your reply back to the EDTECH list. Usually, to reply privately to the individual who wrote the message, you will need to address your reply specifically to that person. If it is not clear whether your message was intended for the list or not, the Editor may send you a note asking what you intended.

3. SIGNATURES: To make it easier for others on the EDTECH list to communicate with you directly, we require that you put a signature on your mail to EDTECH at the bottom of EVERY piece (even ones you are forwarding from other lists). The signature should include:

your name
email address
professional affiliation

If you neglect to do this, the Editor may add it to your message for you or return your mail. This is necessary because the original address headers at the top are automatically stripped off by many mailers, so if your address isn't included in the body of your message, some subscribers won't know who posted it. EDTECH does not accept anonymous contributions.

4. Because of the various problems inherent in sending and archiving very long messages, EDTECH prefers that you try to keep messages under 500 lines in length. It is often better to offer people information about where they can find a very long message on the WWW or elsewhere, if they are interested, than to send it to everyone.

5. While it is sometimes important to quote a short part of a previous message that you are replying to in order to set up the context, it is not necessary to routinely quote the entirety of a previous message. If your mailer does this by default, we would appreciate your deleting the unnecessary parts of the previous message from your reply before sending. In particular, please do not include old quoted address headers that say To: EDTECH... in the body of your new message, as the listserver may reject your mail if you do.

6. EDTECH focuses on discussion and problem solving among people interested in the uses of technology in education. As such, it does not accept commercial messages or spams. Though subscribers from various commercial businesses are welcome, they are asked not to post business solicitations or advertisements on EDTECH. Any such advertisements received will be deleted by the EDTECH Moderator, rather than being posted.

7. In your first communication with EDTECH, we would appreciate hearing about you, your interests, your work, and/or your institution.

8. Please send maintenance communications/questions (eg. sign off procedures, archives, etc.) to HELP@H-NET.MSU.EDU Please send only substantive communications regarding educational technology to EDTECH@H-NET.MSU.EDU. The command for subscribing to EDTECH is SUB. The command for signing off is SIGNOFF. To get a list of the names and email addresses of all subscribers use the REV command.

To use these commands put them in the first line (not the subject line) of a mail message addressed to LISTSERV@H-NET.MSU.EDU

For example, your mail message might say:

SUB EDTECH Your name or

To temporarily stop EDTECH mail (for example when you go on vacation), send the following command to LISTSERV@H-NET.MSU.EDU


When you want to receive mail again, send the command SET EDTECH MAIL

If possible, attempt to do maintenance of your subscription directly with the LISTSERV yourself rather than asking an Editor to do it for you.

9. To read conversations that have happened in previous months on EDTECH or get another copy of a message you deleted, you can go to the EDTECH Archive Site at: All EDTECH postings are permanently stored there in a format that allows them to be easily sorted and searched by keyword.

Additional archives can be found on the AskERIC service gopher: port 70

We recommend that new subscribers read through the recent postings on our WWW site to get up to date with current conversations on EDTECH.

11. Alternatively, you can request logs of previous months from the LISTSERV with the GET command. A new log is created each month numbered with the year and the month--for example, EDTECH LOG9806. Logs for most months are split into parts (A, B, C, etc.) At present we keep about 6 months of back logs at MSU. To get a list of available logs send the command INDEX EDTECH to LISTSERV@H-NET.MSU.EDU To order a log send mail to LISTSERV@H-NET.MSU.EDU

Your mail should say GET EDTECH LOG9806A (or whichever log you want) as the first regular line of the mail message.

11. Though most mail gets through to subscribers promptly, people with certain computers that have technical problems or bad links into the Internet, may miss a certain amount of mail. We recommend that such subscribers check into our archives if they are interested in a conversation, as up to 10% of their mail may not get through due to technical problems.

12. If your account expires, if your mainframe temporarily forgets that you exist, or at some systems if you accumulate too much mail in your files, your mail will be returned to the Moderator. The Moderator will then delete you from the EDTECH list. If this happens and you still want to participate in EDTECH, please clear up the problems with your account and resubscribe. If you don't get any mail from EDTECH for 3 or 4 days, this is probably what happened.

At times, if your mail is bouncing, but it appears your account still exists, the moderator may set your account to INDEX with the SET EDTECH INDEX command. This generates one summary piece of mail per day, rather many individual bounces.

When your account is fixed, you will receive the INDEXed mail, rather than the usual postings. Send the command SET EDTECH MAIL to return to normal mail.

13. Copyright notice. All contributions to EDTECH fall under the H-Net Council Policies' sections covering copyright: "[Art. III,Secs. 3.01-3.08]: "H-Net is a nonprofit communications service intended to advance the teaching, research, and service of scholars, educators, and students. Preserving copyright rights is a collective responsibility: H-Net users and editors must respect the intellectual property of others. Consistent with the objective of encouraging creativity in scholarship and education, editors and users are encouraged to transmit copyrighted works to or through H-Net, with the express permission of the copyright holder or in accordance with the fair use provisions of copyright law. H-Net considers posting to H-Net lists or Web, as contrasted with private e-mail correspondence, to be a form of publication." In general, the author retains copyright rights to publication of any submission to the list, and EDTECH and H-Net retain the right to store, disseminate with full attribution, and make available to subscribers such submissions. Postings (such as H-net book reviews) that are commissioned by EDTECH or H-net are copyrighted by H-Net and available for redistribution under "fair use" provisions of applicable United States copyright law. A full copy of the H-Net charter and other important information may be found on the World Wide Web at:

We would like to extend our thanks to H-NET Humanities Online for sponsoring this list and our WWW site and assisting with list administration.

EDTECH was located at MSU.EDU for many years. You may see references to EDTECH@MSU.EDU in many places. All EDTECH messages should now be directed to EDTECH@H-NET.MSU.EDU rather than to MSU.EDU. We appreciate the time and effort put in by the staff at Michigan State University.

Both Karin and Jeff have retired after serving EDTECH for over 15 years. I keep their names here as a tribute to all the work they did on behalf of EDTECH Karin Beil (retired/emeritus editor) Jeffrey Jones (retired/emeritus editor)

Thanks for your interest!