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NOTE: The following message contains a Japanese version of the Welcome followed by an English version of the same message. If you do not have the proper sofwtare with which to read the Japanese, the character strings will make no sense. Please page down to the English message. Thank you, H-Japan's Editors

H-JAPAN $B$X$h$&$3$= (B

H-JAPAN $B$O!" (BH-Net(Humanities-On-Line) $B!"Bg:e309q8lBg3X4X@>%"%8%"B@J?MN8& (B $B5f2q (B(KIAPS) $B!"%*%O%$%*=#N)Bg3X$=$7$F%_%7%,%s=#N)Bg3X$N8e1g$K$h$k!"%$%s (B $B%?!<%M%C%H$rDL$7$F$N9q:]E*!"@/<#E*$K8xJ?CfN)$J%G%#%9%+%C%7%g%s!&%0%k!< (B $B%W$G$9!#8&5f<T!"Bg3X1!@8$=$7$FMM!9$JJ,Ln$N@lLg2H$K!"F|K\$NNr;K!"J82=!" (B $B=!65$=$7$F<R2q!J8=:_$N@/<#!"308r!"0BA4J]>c!"7P:QLdBj$b4^$`!K$K$D$$$F!" (B $B5DO@$N>l$rDs6!$9$k$3$H$rL\E*$H$7$F$*$j$^$9!# (B

$B$3$N (BH-JAPAN $B$O!"%"%a%j%+?MJ84p6b (B(The National Endowment for the Humanities) $B$*$h$S9q:]8rN.4p6bF|JF%;%s%?!<$K0lIt4p6b$rF@$F@_N)$5$l$^$7 (B $B$?!#!JF|JF%;%s%?!<$K$O (BH-ASIA $B!" (B H-USA $B$bF1MM$K6(NO$rF@$F$*$j$^$9!K$^$?3h (B $BF0$N0l4D$H$7$F!"F|JF3X@82q5D (B(JASC) $B$r;Y1g$7$F$*$j$^$9!# (BH-JAPAN $B$O!"$h$j (B $BBg$-$JCO0hE*OHAH$_$GLdBj$r07$& (BH-Net $B$N%0%k!<%W!" (BH-ASIA $B$X$NEPO?$b$*$9$9 (B $B$a$7$^$9!#$44uK>$NJ}$O!" (BH-ASIA $B$X$NEPO?4uK>%a%C%;!<%8$r (B "" $B$^$G$*Aw$j$/$@$5$$!# (B

H-JAPAN $B$O!VJT=8!W$5$l$F$*$j$^$9!#$D$^$j!"A4$F$N%a%C%;!<%8$OJT=8C4Ev<T (B $B$N%A%'%C%/$r7P$F7G:\$5$l$k$H$$$&$3$H$G$9!#$=$l$O!"46>pE*$JHsFq!"5DO@$K (B $B$+$3$D$1$?9-9p!"ITFCDjB??t$K8~$1$i$l$?L54X78$N%a%C%;!<%8!";dE*$JEE;R%a (B $B!<%k!"3XLdE*$G$J$$%a%C%;!<%8$J$I$r:o=|$9$k$?$a$G$9!#$3$l$OH/I=$5$l$k9M (B $B$(J}$KBP$9$k8!1\$r0U?^$7$?$b$N$G$OA4$/$"$j$^$;$s!#L@$i$+$KL54X78$G@lLg (B $B@-$N$J$$$b$N$r!" (BH-JAPAN $B>e$K8=$l$J$$$h$&$K$9$k$?$a$G$9!#$^$?!"Nc$($P8m (B $B;z!"%_%9%9%Z%k$ND{@5$d!"%Z!<%8$N%l%$%"%&%H$J$I<c43$NJT=8$r;\$9$3$H$b$" (B $B$j$^$9!# (B

$BFI<T$+$i$N (BH-JAPAN $B$X$N<ALd!"8f0U8+!"%l%]!<%H$=$7$F1~Ez$r4?7^$$$?$7$^$9!# (B H-JAPAN $B$O!"%7%i%P%9!"O@J8$^$?$OJs9p35MW!"%l%8%e%a!"=q;oL\O?!"?7;qNA$N (B $B%j%9%H!"?^=q4[L\O?$dJ8=q4[Ey!9$N<j0z$-!"?7$7$$%3%s%T%e!<%?!<%=%U%H!"%G (B $B!<%?%Y!<%9!" (BCD-ROM $B$N%l%]!<%H$r7G:\$7$^$9!#3X2q$NDLCN!"F|K\4X78$N?74)=q (B $B>R2p!">)3X6b!"="?&>pJs$b7G<($7$F$*$j$^$9!#$^$? (BH-JAPAN $B$G$O??Yu$J=qI>$H!" (B $B$=$l$KBP$9$kCx<T$d@lLgNN0h$rF1$8$/$9$k?M!9$+$i$NH?O@$NEj9F$r4|BT$7$F$$ (B $B$^$9!# (B

H-JAPAN $B$OEE;R=PHGJ*$G$9!#A4$F$N7G<($O%*%s%i%$%s>e$K915WE*$KJ]B8$5$l!" (B $B0z$-=P$9$3$H$,$G$-$^$9!# (BH-JAPAN $B$N7G<($5$l$?$b$N$r%@%&%s%m!<%I$7$F!"Hs (B $B1DMxL\E*$N65:`$H$7$FMxMQ$5$l$k$3$H$r>)Ne$7$F$*$j$^$9!#$=$N:]$K$O!"Cx<T (B $BL>!" (BH-JAPAN $B$+$i0zMQ$7$?;]!"$=$7$F7G:\$NF|IU$rE:$($F$/$@$5$$!# (B

H-JAPAN $B$NL\E*$O!"A4@$3&$+$iF|K\$K4X$9$k8&5f<T$,;22C$7$FAj8_$K8rN.$9$k (B $B$3$H$,$G$-$k$h$&$K$J$k$3$H$G$9!#$H$j$o$1!"F|K\$K$$$k@lLg2H$H@$3&3FCO$N (B $B8&5f<T$H$N4V$NAj8_8rN.$,?J$`$3$H$rK>$s$G$$$^$9!#$G$9$+$i!"1Q8l$G$bF|K\ (B $B8l$G$G$b7k9=$G$9!#$I$7$I$7%3%_%e%K%1!<%7%g%s$r$H$C$F$/$@$5$$!#$h$j;H$$ (B $B$d$9$$8@8l$G%a%C%;!<%8$r=q$$$F$$$?$@$1$l$P$H;W$$$^$9!#5$7Z$K0U8+$r8r49 (B $B$G$-$kJ70O5$$,@8$^$l$k$3$H$,!"2f!9$N:G$b4uK>$9$k$3$H$J$N$G$9!#$b$A$m$s!" (B $B309q8l$rFI$s$@$j!"=q$$$?$j$9$k$3$H$G8m2r$r@8$8$=$&$J>l9g$O!"0UL#$r3NG' (B $B$7$"$$!"`tKv$J$3$H$d46>pE*$JLdBj$K$H$i$o$l$J$$$G!"$"$/$^$G@lLg2H$H$7$F (B $B$NN)>l$+$i0U8+$r=P$9$3$H$,I,MW$G$9!#$I$&$+!"LdBj$NK\<A$K>GE@$,$"$?$k$h (B $B$&$K$7$F$/$@$5$$!# (B

$B8=:_!" (BH-JAPAN $B$G$O!"F|K\8l$N%a%C%;!<%8$rG[?.$O$G$-$^$9$,!"4A;z$d$+$J$G (B $B=q$+$l$?%a%C%;!<%8$rFI$s$@$j=q$$$?$j$9$k$?$a$K$O!"C<Kv$N%3%s%T%e!<%?!< (B $B$KE,Ev$JDL?.%=%U%H$,I,MW$G$9!#>-MhE*$K$O!"F|K\0J30$N%a%s%P!<$d5!4X$,F| (B $BK\8l$G%3%_%e%K%1!<%7%g%s$,<h$l$k$h$&$K$9$k$?$a$N>pJs$r!"6!5k$G$-$l$P$H (B $B9M$($F$*$j$^$9!# (B

$BF|K\8lMxMQ2DG=$J%=%U%H$rMxMQ$7$F$$$J$$>l9g!"F|K\8l$N%a%C%;!<%8$r<u$1<h (B $B$C$F$b!"0UL#ITL@$JJ8;z$d5-9f$,8=$l$^$9!#$=$N$?$a!"$=$N$h$&$JF|K\8l%a%C (B $B%;!<%8$r$H$P$7$?$j!">C5n$7$?$$?M$b$$$k$3$H$H;W$$$^$9$N$G!" (BH-JAPAN $B$XEj (B $B9F$5$l$k%a%C%;!<%8$K$O!"0J2<$NN,9f$r%5%V%8%'%/%H$KA^F~$7$F$/$@$5$$!# (B

H-Japan(J) : $B4A;z!&$+$JI=5-!JF|K\8l!K$N>l9g (B H-Japan(E) : $BA4$F%"%k%U%!%Y%C%HI=5-!J1Q8l$^$?$O%m!<%^;z$NF|K\8l!K$N>l (B $B9g (B
H-Japan(E,J) : $B%"%k%U%!%Y%C%HI=5-$N1Q8l$H!"4A;z!&$+$JI=5-$NF|K\8l$,:.:_ (B $B$7$F$$$k>l9g (B

$B%5!<%P!<$NCf$K$O!"%5%V%8%'%/%H$N$H$3$m$N4A;z$r%3%s%H%m!<%k%3!<%I$HG'<1 (B $B$7$F$7$^$&$b$N$,$"$k$N$G!" (BH-JAPAN $B$X$N%a%C%;!<%8$O!"K\J8$,4A;z!&$+$JI= (B $B5-$G$"$C$F$bI,$:%"%k%U%!%Y%C%H!J1Q8l$^$?$O%m!<%^;z$NF|K\8l!K$GI=5-$7$F (B $B$/$@$5$$!# (B

$BE,Ev$JDL?.%=%U%H%&%(%"$rMxMQ$7$F$$$k$K$b$+$+$o$i$:!"F|K\8l$N%a%C%;!<%8 (B $B$NAw<u?.$KLdBj$,$"$kFI<T$O!"0J2<$N$I$A$i$+$K%U%!%C%/%9$r8fAwIU2<$5$$!# (B $BJF9q!!%U%#%j%C%W!&%V%i%&%s!! (B1-614-292-2282 $BF|K\!!?yEDJF9T!! (B0727-30-5416 $B!!!!!JF|K\0J30$+$i$O (B81-727-30-5416 $B!K (B

H-JAPAN $B$G$O!" (BGopher $B$HF|K\8l$H1Q8lN>J}$GMxMQ$G$-$k (BWWW $B$N%[!<%`%Z!<%8$r3+ (B $B@_$9$kM=Dj$G$9!# (BH-JAPAN $B4XO"$N>pJs$K4X$7$F$O!"0J2<$rDL$7$F$N%"%/%;%9$, (B $B2DG=$G$9!# (B

Gopher $B$N%"%I%l%9$O!"0J2<$NDL$j$G$9!# (B

$B@h$:$O<+8J>R2p$r7G<($9$k$3$H$+$i;O$a$i$l$F$O$$$+$,$G$7$g$&$+!#?&6H!"3X (B $B9;L>!"8=:_$N8&5f2]Bj!"LdBj4X?4!"$"$k$$$O<u$1;}$?$l$F$$$k<x6H$J$I$r5-$7 (B $B$F$$$?$@$1$l$P$H;W$$$^$9!# (B

$BA4$F$N7G<(J*$K4X$7$F$O!"0J2<$N=;=j$^$G8fAwIU$$$?$@$/$h$&$*4j$$$$$?$7$^ (B $B$9!# (B

$B$^$?$b$&0l$D$NJ}K!$H$7$F!" (BH-JAPAN $B$+$i$N%a%C%;!<%8$rFI$s$@8e!"JV?.$N%3 (B $B%^%s%I$rMQ$$$F1~Ez$9$k$3$H$b$G$-$^$9!#$^$?!"A4$F$NEj9FJ*$K4X$7$F!"L>A0!" (B $BEE;R%a!<%k$N%"%I%l%9!"$=$7$F=jB05!4XL>$rI,$:E:$($F$/$@$5$$!# (B

WordPerfect $B$d (BMicrosoftWord $B$N$h$&$J%o!<%I%W%m%;%C%5!<MQ%=%U%H$r$*;H$$$K (B $B$J$j!" (BH-JAPAN $B$X$NEj9F$r=`Hw$5$l$k:]$O!"2~9T%3!<%I$rF~$l$F%F%-%9%H%U%! (B $B%$%k!J$"$k$$$O (B"DOS" $B%U%!%$%k!K$GJ]B8$9$k$3$H$r$*4j$$$$$?$7$^$9!#%G%3!< (B $B%I$N:]LdBj$,H/@8$9$k$?$a!"$/$l$0$l$b (BUU-encode $B%U%!%$%k$NEj9F$O8f1sN8$/ (B $B$@$5$$!# (B

$BJT=8C4Ev<T!' (B
$B%U%#%j%C%W!&%V%i%&%s!!!J (BBrown, Philip $B!K (B $B%*%O%$%*=#N)Bg3XNr;K3XIt (B
$BEE;R%a!<%k!' (

$B%8%c%M%C%H!&#R!&%0%C%I%&%#%s (B (Goodwin, Janet R. ) $B2qDEBg3XJ82=8&5f%;%s%?!< (B
$BEE;R%a!<%k!' ( Jan Goodwin

$B?yEDJF9T (B (Sugita, Yoneyuki)
$BBg:e309q8lBg3X%"%a%j%+9V:B (B
$BEE;R%a!<%k!' (

$BBg669,BY (B (Ohashi, Yukihiro)
$BIpB"9b9; (B
$BEE;R%a!<%k!' (

$B2,K\8x0l (B (Okamoto, Koichi)
$BAa0pEDBg3X9q:]It (B
$BEE;R%a!<%k!' (B

$B%G%S%C%H!&%&%$%C%H%J!< (B (Wittner, David) $BEPO?4X78C4Ev (B $B%*%O%$%*=#N)Bg3XNr;K3XIt (B
$BEE;R%a!<%k!' (



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This list has been established in part with funding from the the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Center for a Global Partnership of the Japan Foundation (Kokusai Koryu Kikin Nichibei Center, who have also given support to H-Asia and H-USA). Among our other activities, we also support the Japan-America Student Conference (JASC: Nichibei Gakusei Kaigi). H-Japan complements the H-Net list H-ASIA which handles broader regional issues and to which you may wish to subscribe (send subscription requests for H-ASIA to

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At present, we are able to transmit Japanese messages; however to read and write messages in kanji and kana, members must have the appropriate communications software on their local PC or MacIntosh machines. We hope in the future to be able to provide information that will assist our non-Japanese members and their institutions to communicate in Japanese. Members who do not have appropriate software on their PCs or MacIntosh machines will see a string of meaningless characters and symbols. Since they can not read Japanese messages and may wish to skip or delete them, the subject header of each H-Japan message will indicate the language of the message in the following way:

H-Japan (J) = an all Japanese message
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Since some servers "read" kanji in the subject line of e-mail messages as control codes rather than kanji, please use ONLY roman characters in the SUBJECT line of your messages to H-Japan, regardless of the language in which the text is written. (The subject line can be written in either English or romanized Japanese.)

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